DANCING & ROMANCING WITH PELE by Gordon Morse softcover


DANCING & ROMANCING WITH PELE by Gordon Morse (New Softcover 2005)

Photojournalist Gordon Morse has produced a remarkable guide to the wonders of Kilauea Volcano where he has lived for the past forty years. Outlined here are accessible adventures that will allow visitors to experience the ever changing landscape of this very active volcano as few have the opportunity to do. This book pays homage to the Hawaiian goddess who really is in charge at Kilauea. Pele gives a meaning and spirit to the earth, sky, forest, wildlife, and geological features of this land that extends from the 4,000-foot summit caldera to the ocean. The story guide format of this book is designed to inspire visitors to collect their own memories of exploring the volcano. Six easy-to-use maps and many historic photographs help make that possible.


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